Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quals are Finished: Am I...?

So the quals are done. I'm happy. That technically means I don't have to take another exam in my life. Wow! I think I did well on two, and bad on one. Oh well. After the bad one (Monday's Classical Mech) I was so bummed, but I thought about it and digested it, and I was ok with getting the masters and being done. So when I took the second and third, I was mentally ready for them, because I basically didn't care anymore.

The thing I'm most proud of is the fact that I've seen improvement in my performence over the three years of taking this stuff. I can honestly say I know more physics right now than I ever have before. I hope this is the most I know, I'm ready for a new subject.


Lisa said...

See? Now don't you feel better?

I'm sure you didn't do as badly as you think.... remember, even when you get your results, that's not necessarily the final word. :)

geekedout said...

and you can always come driving by in a few years with your brand new porche and ask them how their grants are doing. there's more than one way to learn & do interesting research. especially without the "old-boys-club" brain-cock-measuring bullshit.