Friday, September 08, 2006

Adonis the Cat

So I don't know whom I've told this, but I got a cat! He is no ordinary cat, with the typical cat issues. He loves attention, and not in the I'm a cat so I love attention when I want to love attention way. He will let you rub his head over and over, and pretty much as rough as you want, and still come back for more. He's follows me all around the house, and even goes into the bathroom with me in the morning, to sorta do his own bathroom stuff (eat, drink, piss) and then chills out on the edge of the bathtub while I take a shower, while batting at the shower curtain. Another very, un-cat like thing is that he sleeps in my room w/ a closed door all night. Cat's hate closed doors, and immediately want to know why they can't go through them, or at least, hey what's going on behind the door, and should I be involved. So, all and all, I'm very happy that Erica talking me into keeping some extra pussy around the house.

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