Thursday, September 21, 2006

The End

So, I just found out the results of my qualification exam, and I happen to have failed them. It looks like this is the end of my academic road, and that I'll be getting a 'real' job in the next year. I'm a little bit upset by this, considering the time and energy I have invested in physics and specifically the quals. Most of the knowledge I gained these past couple of years is completely useless in the 'real' world, which is frusterating. On the brightside, this means that I am free from the shakles of academia, and OH NO! I have to go make 50-70k a year....what am I gonna do? Time to start building that bank rool.


geekedout said...

i think it might be more agreeable with you too. academics have their own way of being completely detached from reality. not good for somebody who wants to work with their hands. besides, a bunch of cool stuff is out on the west coast. i might join you in a couple of years.

Liz said...

How're ya feeling about it? Relieved Disappointed? what kind of a job can you get?