Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Two Down; Three to go

I passed my EM qual! This totally rules! This means one less test to study for this summer. Whew! Man this is like winning the lottery. They still have yet to decide on the classical appeal, but I felt that was my stronger of the two...so here's to hoping. So I thought I'd give myself a flower.


geekedout said...

dude. that's awesome. three is a lot less to study for than 4. how the hell did it take so long? is it that they just don't remember? too busy to think about students when there's research grants to write?

Liz said...

Kick-ass! when are the next ones? Do you have some time off?

Jesse said...

They're in September. No, not really. Gotta get ready for those, and also there's always research.