Thursday, March 30, 2006


Ok so Jesse's been MIA in the blogging world. Sorry guys! Basically, had finals and a beam run back to back. So was like one week of prep for exams, one week of exams, half a week of getting ready for beam time (like 9am-9pm days), and now I've got the night shift for beamtime over the next four days. And then the next quarter starts again! Yay!

Good news is that the project I've been working on over the past year has finally come to fruition. I designed and built a two dimension oscillator, which rotates our sample by plus-minus 2-6 deg. This is to "smooth" out some otherwise noisy data when we do single crystal spectroscopy. If you want to know more than that, let me know. Its been a very complicated project because I had to fit the above constraints into a hole which is about 1 1/4 " in diameter...not easy. BUT, it works! So now I've got data, and the beginnings of a thesis. Now, if I can just learn enough about biological crystalography to get some interesting single crystal samples to look at with this, and then write a proposal, and then be self employed, and then have bio experience, and then do cutting edge research, and then get a job at Berkeley or Stanford...I'd be set.


Liz said...

sweet-ass. Glad it's working for you. I know you were pretty frustrated for a while.

geekedout said...

sounds like a nice 10-year plan. actually, you could probably pull all that off in 5 if you were really hard-assed. but where's the fun in that? good to hear it's working. beam-on.

Liz said...

ha! I like that 'beam on' chucklechuckle mer!