Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quote - High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

"It's only just beginning to occur to me that it's important to have something going on somewhere, at work or at home, otherwise you're just clinging on. If I lived in Bosnia, then not having a girlfriend wouldn't seem like the most important thing in the world, but here in Crouch End it does. You need as much ballast as possible to stop you floating away; you need people around you, things going on, otherwise life is like some film where the money ran out, and there are no sets, or locations, or supporting actors, and it's just one bloke on his own staring into the camera with nothing to do and nobody to speak to, and who'd believe in this character then?"

This book is full of great paragraphs. I highly recommend reading it to anyone. There's much more to the main character, Rob, than you get from Cusak in the film (which is also one of my favorites). 

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