Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing Like a Sucker Punch...

...on the way out the door. 

It appears that employers are disputing unemployment claims in record numbers (as a percentage of the claims). Just one more shot to the belly of the average worker. I just can't believe this, as if losing your job isn't bad enough, but to have that same employer turn their back on you in your time of need is just wrong. Not to mention, the company pays taxes to cover these benefits- it gets it's taxable revenue from the work you have done at that company- to deny you those funds is like stealing the money you put in that fund. 

How much longer are we the working class, the proletariat, going to put up with less overall wealth, less free time to ourselves, less family time, less healthcare, and less of the good life than our own parents had? Meanwhile, we twiddle our thumbs with a dumb- OH GEE- look on our faces while we get burned and pillaged by the aristocracy...we need to step up and say no more!

Link- Washington Post

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