Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Saint Augustine

So yeah it's this guy's B-day. He basically ended Paganism and created the stigma behind things related to it (symbols, gods, beliefs, etc). Kinda lame as far as I'm concerned. Thing I like about the Pagans is that they were cool with other gods. Oh yeah, Yaweh, he's cool, I like him too! Why not? We're basically back to that now with the entire world mono-culture. So he was raised Pagan and converted. Then he wrote a bunch of stuff about how great Christianity is and how shitty Pagans are. Anyway, I heard something interesting...the reason his stuff became such an influential presence in the religion is because his writings survived a fire. A single fire. Just think, the entire history of the world has changed because of one fire. What would the world be like if that fire had just gone a little further?

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