Friday, February 23, 2007

Who Cares?

I don't want to feel feelings anymore. They straight suck. Highs and Lows? Who needs em? Give me a dose of apathy, good ol' fasion not giving a flying fuck. I wanna commune with my inner asshole, and give the world a taste of his cranky ass, and not care that I'm being an asshole. Why can't I? I'm too friggin emotional for my own good, and its wearing me out.

The only thing I can't shake is that fact that the truely strong person can be emotional, and feel all these damn things while being rock solid and dealing. FUCK


Liz said...

You need to work on your chinese liver.. It's in charge of the "smooth flo of the emotions" - I know cause I have the same problem - just ask Dave. =)

geekedout said...

I don't know what that all means (above), but emotions do need to come out, however you do that. I guess it's something like finding your own therapy. I go beat the hell out of pads and grapple and choke people after lifting weights. It's hard to be mad when you can't walk or hold your arms up or stop wheezing. But you can't just sit there an stew in it (like Liz does sometimes). I guess I heal my "chinese liver" by beating the shit out of myself. Don't worry too much about other people. Especially since I think you've made a good decision.