Tuesday, October 17, 2006

US population hits 300,000,000!

So in the news today:

US population hits 300,000,000 people the growth of our country has been due largely to immigration.

The Chinese step up border relations with N. Korea. Not a big deal but I found this picture and thought it was insane.
Disney has decided to pull its characters off of bad sugary fatty caloric intensive kids foods. They are trying to make a statement that kids need to eat healthy. Its about time Disney did SOMETHING good. I've been pissed at them since they made Aladin 25 and The Little Mermaid 69.

Finally, Google is building the largest coporate consumer solar set up on their building, providing 1/3 of its total power. Way to go Google. Say what you will about big business- its nice to see a company TRYING to do it different: Google Solar

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