Thursday, October 26, 2006

Solar Power Towers vs. $400 billion DD budget

Ok so I just read a post:
Aussie Sun Power
And it had some numbers in there that I wanted to crunch. According to Wired: each solar collector (big tower w/ Li Na as a heat transport medium/thermal battery) is capable of producting 154 MW each, and costs ~$420 million (hehe). Hookay, so that means that w/ our $400 billion DD budget, we could build ~1000 of these bastages (!) so that means we could bring 154,000 MW of renewable clean energy on line with ONE YEAR'S DD BUDGET! 154TW! Ok so now I gotta ask, how much energy does the US use in one year, and how big is say 1 nuclear plant?
So after figuring out some retarded units; the US consumed 2.76E7 TW(hrs)/year in 1998. One new nuclear power plants are typically 1TW meaning 8700 TW(hrs)/year. So you could get the equivalent 154 nuclear power plants.

As of Oct 2005 there were 104 nuclear power plants opperating in the US there by creating an equal chunk of the energy pie to nuclear which is currently at ~20%

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