Monday, August 14, 2006

West Coast Trip #2

These pictures are of Mount Shasta in Northern California. It is quite a sight looming at over 14k ft. Its strange because you see something ahead in the distance, some clouds or something. Then slowly it comes into full view. The thing that's strange is that Mt. Shasta dominates the skyline for the next 2-3 hours of driving.

A little cone next to the road, only about 500ft. above the road's elevation.

And it finally leaves view- on to Oregon.


geekedout said...

mount hood was like that. very weird. i thought st. helens was a cloud and i almost swerved off the road when i realized that it was attached to the ground. they are completely giant!

Liz said...

I can't wait for our trip in October!

Jen Morris said...

Wow, Jesse I never would have guessed that you would become a backpacker! It looks like you've seen a lot of neat things. I'm jealous. No sights like that in MI.