Friday, August 11, 2006

Dillion's Beach (Start of W. Coast Trip)

So Dillon's Beach is this massive park just north of Point Reyes Nat'l Park in CA. Its right on the coast in this massive bay. The strange thing about this place, is that all of the rednecks in California seem to congragate here w/ their RV's and tents, dogs, kids, and booze. I almost got drunk just driving into the place.

We saw a seal.

So we went here w/ the BurningMan crew, and had a good ol' time. Gabe (guy w/ the crazy red hat on the left) is a big hard alcohol fan, I should really say conasiour. He's the one who got me into taquilla. So there's this cousin of taquilla called mezcal. Basically the difference is that they smoke the agave before they distill it, so the booze is left with this strong rich smokey flavor (that knocks you on your ass). So, after the sunset, we got a good fire goin, and sat around tasting various types of mezcal!


geekedout said...

nice sunset. i still can't get into hard liquor though. sean makes endless bitch-beer and not-past-puberty type jokes because of it. i don't know why, but i've just never liked it.

Liz said...

I have to say that I HATE mezcal - that stuff makes me want to puke before I've even had enough of it to elicit that strong of a reaction. Smokey and alcohol do NOT go well together for me. Including supposedly wonderful smokey scotch. yuk! I did enjoy 3 margaritas tonite though.. yum!