Saturday, February 18, 2006

Haight St.

This was at the entrance of an elementary school. Imagine seeing that every morning before school...maybe the head shops and hydroponics stores across the street would have a bigger impact.?.

Sombody asked the owner if it was for sale. He said, I couldn't find another one like it...

Classic San Francisco. How cool would it be to live in that blue house? You could tell people, I live in the Blue house just off of Haight St.
This shop had an angry smurf!

A wall.


geekedout said...

i miss the creative aspect of cities. hawaii hardly has any culture. north shore has some good stuff, but the city is just a hole. california is unique.

Jesse said...

Ya know man, I love the landscapes, but I've gotta say that there's really something special about the grunginess of urban art. Its like metal, concrete, garbage, and then out of no where there's something beautiful, and colorful on the side of a building, or in a park. The contrast it very drastic. I love the legs between the windows.

Liz said...

yeah, I have to say I was enjoying the legs too.. they have to be HUGE! The wood carving is pretty sweet as well. and the blue house =)