Monday, February 06, 2006

The end of free email?

(Anyone want gmail invites? Zero spam to date 1.5yrs)

Ok, so now I need to pay to send my friends email? At first I thought they were going to charge their users per spam blocked, and I was thinking, well then yahoo and aol will just start spamming their own customers, but that's not what they're doing.

I went to see a movie this weekend called Syriana, which is about big oil companies, and how they get a stronghold on the middle east, and what happens when a leader who really wants to reform their country rises up. Very good film...very honest (I think w/ my liberal bias).

I've also been listening to Chomsky- and you can tell Dan to go suck a nut, Chomsky is the shit...he's got this country- and any other imperial nation figured out more clearly than anyone else I've ever talked to/read about/listened to- and he just lays it out there, without any reguard for people's feelings. Interestingly there's alot of things he believes that I wouldn't expect. He's against a volenteer army, thought that Iraq would be 1-2-3, and says we won the Vietnam conflict. Maybe he is an old gas bag- but man that's some fine smelling gas.

Also, Dave and Liz, could you guys remove the links to my blog from yours...I'm doing a little test w/ Google. If you type in "jesse guzman" blog into google you find my blog...Google searches w/ links-and I think you guy are the only one's with links...I want to find out because I've heard of people not getting a job because of something they blogged...just curious.

Also, anyone interested in moving to the Caymen Islands to start an offshore information security company?


geekedout said...

chomsky is one of my favorites. it's really his justifications. he's pretty logical and says verifiable facts. not value judgements but definite statements that speak for themselves. i like his use of words too. how he just takes a sentence, swaps words, and shows it's assumptions.

i've taken you off my blog. getting scared that the man is going to come get you? interesting how social pressure works isn't it? a vague and ill defined perception that "they" won't like what you have to say and will punish you financially for it, because freedom of ideology is something we haven't had for a long time. it's "anti-american" right?

ever see "constant gardner". a little typical on the plot front, but great on a deeper level.

Jesse said...

I look forward to seeing that movie- a recommendation from Dave is like movie gold.

So I guess I'm a little nervous- mostly I just want to know that I can remove myself from Google. I really don't think there's much of anything on here that is incriminating...but it'd be nice to know that while job hunting- I can remove myself from Google:Jesse Guzman search.

As for freedom of speech- the gov't recently asked the major search engines to turn over their info- how much longer until they demand they turn it over. Second, they've been wire-tapping their own citizens, with much more rigor than ever before.

Liz said...

I've never been able to find my blog on google.. how'd you find yours?