Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ok, so I've got some sweet links to burningman pics. I had my camera ganked by some sweet hawaiian punk, so they aren't mine, but I'm definately in them. The beautiful yellow stupa was home for a week, where we served tea to the poor cold tired fucked up beautiful people of the playa. I had a great time, and anyone reading this really should go, these kinds of things have a limited lifetime. No matter how much we want it to last forever, they simply don't so you MUST catch it while you can. There are very few times and places where you can experience a quasi-disconnect from the "real" world, and this is one of them. A week in the desert with a bunch of "freaks" (I use the word with love) will generally do it!

Pics@:Ok so some of these probably don't work cause of copy problems. Good hunting.

This one is solid w/ lots of pics of me. The girl and guy seen mostly are Laura and Andrew, the "founders" of WinkingLotus, some of the kindest people I've ever met.

These are from random sources, the last set is of a "famous" guy named River, you'll see why he's so "famous"

Mark from 2003
Winking Lotus:

Magic Carpet

River (for the ladies)

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dave said...

i'm there next year! it looks awesome. fire and freaks! a great combo!!

good luck on the last qual. the 'brain-cock' measuring tape won't be around too much longer....