Monday, September 19, 2005

Hello everyone,
So I went backpacking with Lisa and Mark this weekend. We went on a nice little hike to these two tiny little lakes in the mountains called Sword Lake and Lost Lake. They were beautiful! It was just the break I needed after my cock measuring competition, oh I mean quals. Still don't know how I "measure up" but no complaints so far! I bought a new digital camera recently so that the Hawaiians have something to steal the next time I'm there, and I absolutely love it! I took a bunch of pics this weekend, some even at night. They are all out of order b/c this blog doesn't understand order of operations I guess. Hope everyone is well.

Full moon setting over Lost Lake.
Night time twisted tree.
Me in my tent before sleep.
Sunrise, just before we left our little home.
Lost Lake in the sunrise.
Bear Butte- as dubbed by Lisa
Boulder field. Rocks were moved by glacial movement (I can hear Liz creaming her jeans).
This is a reservoir which waters the central valley and Bay Area, down below our lake.
Me swimming in Lost Lake
Fireside at night with Marko.
Sword Lake ~7k ft.

These windmills are just outside San Jose, nice with the morning fog.
This is the mesa overlooking the valley the two lakes are in.
Washout area with new growth. Mother nature at its finest.
Mark and Lisa, my buddies.

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Liz said...


*sigh* that was some cream in my pants =). You have some kick ass pics here guzzilla! Are you excited for our visit?? I am!