Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doing One Thing and Doing it Well

With this whole introspective, what-do-I-want-to-do-thing, comes the question, is it better to be good at many different things, jack of all trades character, or is it better to be really really awesome at one specific thing? The industry seems to reward those who are great at one specific thing, but maybe that's just because people like that are easier to filter out candidates who fit the bill. 

I have always tended to be a jack of all trades type, mostly because I start to get bored too easily and just want to move on to the next learning curve. I think this speads into all sorts of areas of my life. Take photography for example, this guy Clark Little, has decided to do waves, and I mean really do them. I mean go check out some of his stuff. It is really striking. When I look at these pictures, all I can think about is, DAMN this guy really got into taking pictures of the water wave in its essence. And he NAILS it!

Still, I just see myself getting bored after the 300th hour of shooting waves in a wetsuit and getting banged into the shore for the millionth time. Should I focus down on something, or continue trying to learn it all? 


Matt Fate said...

You've already answered your own question, Jack. =) Do many things and do them all well!! Your focus may change as your interests, surroundings, and opportunities come and go throughout life - but methinks you are too widely curious to settle on a single endeavor and ignore the cornucopia of life, beauty, and experience that waits behind each of the other doors in the halls of reality.

Liz said...

I love clark little! I have a print of his and a bunch of postcards!

debbie said...

I've given this a lot of thought throughout my life too. In looking back over my 55+ years of life. I'm glad I was curious to try new and different things. It has made my life full, exciting and not boring.