Monday, April 14, 2008

Intense Weekend

We had an amazing weekend packed with fun times. They got in super late Friday, we woke up at a normal time, all went for a nice jog down West Cliff, and then had some breakfast. Went downtown, did some shopping, got a beer, and then hit up the beach! We ran into the ocean (Dave and I in our undies) and then just hung out and talked and baked in the sun. Then we went to Davenport beach took some pictures and walked around. Then we got some dinner, and drove to NASA/Ames Moffett Field for this insane party/dancing/exhibits. It was fun times. Saw nearly 10 Winking Lotus folks there to, which is always nice. That continued on until nearly 2am, and we came home. I passed out, Dave and Inge stayed up talking until nearly 4am.

Then we got up at 7am to go to a talk Dave had to give a 10:30am. Saw some more talks before his was given. It was funny b/c I was asking nearly 50% of the questions and it really spurred conversation in the session. After that we went up to Berkeley to visit with a friend of Inge's for a bit. Dave and I got some lunch and took a nap in the park. Had a good time just chilling out. After that, we dove back into the SC mountains to see Matt play in his bad at this little mountain bar called Apple Jacks.

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