Friday, March 28, 2008

Scottsdale, AZ

So the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is a very strange place. It is beautiful, and warm to be sure- but it is as if the Midwest/East Coast mentality has been transplanted here. Luckily I haven't seen TOO many lawns, I think I may have had to knock on some door and beat some ass, but the over-arching structure that has been laid out, and the general vibe of the place is the same. Scottsdale is seriously, one huge strip-mall peppered with gated high end McMansions. I am not impressed. I'm sure a lot of these ditsy blond smoking hot girls are impressed by your Lotus Elise parked in front of your soon to be foreclosed $2mil. mansion, but I'm not. Anyway, in my typical fasion to find the beauty in everything wherever I am, I drove out to the desert (in the company rental car, woot!) to look at some cacti. I also checked out Taliesin West (Frank would not be happy), but those will get a separate post/story.

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