Friday, February 08, 2008

Henry Cowell Redwoods

So we've been having lots of stormy weather this January. It's been awesome because we need the rain, and its not like having weather really is that bad here, you know sun is around the corner.

Matt and I went up to Henry Cowell Redwoods this weekend right as the weather was breaking up. So we got these great kinda dark/kinda sunny pictures this weekend. I find that HDR works fairly well in these situations as long as you don't spread the range out TOO much. I really like that the Gimp allows me to manipulate each layer of the HDR image, but it only has 3 picture inputs which totally blows. So I will take a composite of 5 pictures, and make 4 HDR images out of it and see which one I like the best, and I've also tried combining the HDRs into another HDR. That has some interesting results. Blah blah, anyway.

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